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Stevenson-Pincince Field

Stevenson-Pincince Field, named after longtime men's soccer and men's lacrosse coach Cliff Stevenson and longtime women's soccer and softball coach Phil Pincince, is home to the Brown soccer and lacrosse teams.

Stevenson-Pincince Field has a capacity of 3,500 specators and has hosted many events throughout the years, including several NCAA tournament games in both soccer and lacrosse.

During the summer of 2012, Stevenson-Pincince Field was resurfaced, replacing the grass with a LigaSport artificial surface, a product produced by PolyTan of Germany, a company that specializes in FIFA-approved artificial surfaces. The surrounding fencing was also replaced, while all of the lights were re-bulbed and a new Daktronics scoreboard was added. The bleachers received a facelift with the replacement of all of the wooden planks with aluminum.

These enhancements were in addition to renovations completed in 2001, which included new lights and light towers allowing for night play and televised games. The field was expanded and leveled, and additional drainage was installed. A retaining wall encloses the entire field areas, with the increased area providing a larger soccer-playing surface.

In addition, a new irrigation system was installed along with new fencing and landscaping. Brown's soccer and lacrosse programs have a tremendous history of success and some of Brown's most memorable athletic moments have taken place within the confines of Stevenson-Pincince Field. This renovation has again elevated this facility to be among the best soccer/lacrosse stadiums in the East.

Brown dedicated its soccer / lacrosse facility as Stevenson Field in 1979 and renamed the facility Stevenson-Pincince Field in 2015.